What is your “niche”? What sets you apart from the rest?


Here at Mass Comm PR Group, when we provide consultation services, one of the first questions we ask potential clients is, “What’s your niche?” What sets you apart from every other rapper, company, actor or entertainer out there? Because let’s face it, there are plenty. Some would even say the entertainment market is flooded! So what is it about you as a brand that can create buzz worthiness? Answers to such questions are important for a Publicist to know so we can do our job. Knowing our clients niche or that special something they hold which makes them stand out from the crowd can be extremely powerful! It helps us help you creatively develop a memorable image and create a media stir that will hopefully make you the talk of the town and/or the next best thing in your industry.

So instead of looking at yourself as just another rapper for example (by the way, if you tell people you are rapper nowadays, sit back and wait for their responses. Watch their eyes roll back like, ok, and what’s your day job? #ijs) Instead, try to think of creative ways to introduce yourself and what you have to offer. Spark their curiosity and lead them into wanting to know more. Open the door for yourself and create the opportunity to market what you have to offer. Also, the good thing is that once you find your niche you have a better idea about who your audience is, how to reach out to them and who your advertising efforts should be focused towards.

If you think about it, some of the most successful brands are the people and organizations who weren’t afraid to be themselves! Nike made it okay to “just do it”, Victoria Secret made it okay to be sexy and Apple made it okay to be nerdy. All of these brands found a niche in their industries and made it apart of their overall image. Whether they knew what they were creating at the time or not, once they discovered it, they ran with it and have been running ever since!

So, you may be wondering, how do you find your niche within your industry? Here are a few tips you can utilize to help you get started:

1.) Brainstorm: Write down some things about you or your company you feel sets you apart from the competition… What makes you (or your company) so special?

2.) The 5W’s: This technique always helps me put things in perspective. Ask yourself 1.) Who you are? 2.) What you do? 3.) When do you do it? 4.) Where do you do it? and finally, 5.) Who do you do it for? (Make sure to get really detailed and specific.)

3.) Research some of your competition: How do they describe what they do or who they are and compare what you all do differently and how what you do differently can be beneficial to your target audience.

4.) Ask yourself the question: What’s missing in my industry and can I deliver it?

5.) Then ask yourself these follow up questions: What have I done that’s gotten me this far thus far? How can I maximize that exposure?

Hopefully the tips provided above will assist you in carving out a niche within your industry that will set you apart from the competition and begin developing you or your company into a superstar brand. Good luck!
For more information or to schedule a free consultation please feel free to contact us at: MassCommPRGroup@gmail.com.


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